Productivity coaching for people who want to change the world

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What’s holding you back?

Your first challenge was figuring out a career where you could have an impact. The second is figuring out how to excel in that career.

Maybe there’s just too much to do, or you struggle to focus your time on what you know you “should” be doing. You’ve tried fixing the problem on your own, so you know it’s tough to change. You might be feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, behind, or just like you could be doing more. If that’s you, let’s talk.

I work with professionals who are trying to solve the world’s most pressing problems -- professors, software engineers, managers, PhD students, researchers, traders, consultants -- to pinpoint your bottlenecks and help you solve the biggest problems holding you back from success.

Realistically, I’m not going to solve all your problems, and you won’t have a four-hour work week. You can’t do it all. But you can do what matters most. I’ll help you do that based on my experience seeing what works for EAs trying to stay motivated, stay focused, and produce results.

You’re likely to be a good fit for coaching if you’re already able to succeed in your job, but aren’t satisfied with what you’re accomplishing. You know you can do more. You’re just not sure how.



Want to see what you can try right now? The blog covers interviews with EA leaders about their productivity, research into which productivity advice works, and tips for how you can optimize your productivity.

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Bring your biggest problems, and we’ll tackle them together. Productivity coaching helps you create space and accountability to change what isn’t working. We’ll clarify your goals, implement more effective strategies, and increase focused work time on your top priorities.  

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Read the client case studies and impact evaluation for a sense of what the coaching has helped other EAs accomplish. Clients report an average of 16 extra productive hours a month, and it’s not uncommon for them to report the coaching doubled their output via prioritization changes.

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About me

Prior to starting EA Coaching, I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology and researched self-control with Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania. Previous experience includes being a Summer Research Analyst at GiveWell and the VP of Operations at Enduring Legacy Publishers.

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