8 reasons I’m not the coach for you

(i.e. what to expect from coaching)



I want to work with the people I can help the most, because while I’m good at what I do, what I do is not the best fit for everyone. And since I always want the best for you, here we go:


I’m a productivity coach. If you just want to work through an argument with your girlfriend or you need help with depression, there are better services out there for you.


I’ll keep you accountable. If you say you’re going to do something, I’ll absolutely check in to see if you followed through. I know it’s easy to say you want to do something, and really hard to actually do it. I’ll help you close that gap.


I’m not going to sugarcoat things. I’m direct, and we’re going to directly tackle what needs to change in order for you to meet your goals. After all, you’re working with me because you want something to be different.


My coaching process takes time – I don’t have a quick fix for everything you’d like to change. Our sessions are a safe space for you to bring all your messy, imperfect humanness. I’m not perfect either, and I’ll never judge you for where you are now. Together we’ll work towards a mindset and set of practiced tools that you can use whenever you need.


You’ve probably already done the easy stuff – now we’re going to work on areas that feel hard. We’ll tackle external systems and internal alignment, because both are necessary to making you the ultimate productivity machine you can be. Systems of habits, productivity strategies, and an effective environment will help you make progress toward your goals with minimal effort. Aligning your values, desires, and motivation will reduce internal conflict so you can stop fighting yourself. I’ll use both approaches as appropriate to help you make the most progress toward your biggest goals.


Our coaching will take effort. We can start with good priors based on what works for others, but nothing is a one-size-fits-all band-aid. We’re looking for what works for you. If one approach doesn’t work the first time, it’s information gathered – not a failure. Over repeated self-experiments, you’ll find the most effective tools and discard the rest.


My coaching draws from positive psychology literature, CFAR techniques, Person-Centered Theory, and a lot of experience seeing how people get things done. That means I’m never going to guarantee you’ll double your productivity overnight. What I can offer you is a tailored approach to figuring out what’s holding you back and the fastest path forward.


And finally, I struggle too sometimes. There are days I want to curl up and marathon Netflix, and have to pull out my “big gun” strategies to keep myself on track. Some days I catch myself forgetting my key habits. And some days, I spend the whole day figuring out how to prevent those days, so we can do better.