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Who is this a good fit for? The productivity coaching is a good fit for effective altruists who want to be more effective about completing their goals, even if you’re already accomplishing a lot. It covers areas such as deep work, prioritization, and habits to help you get your best work done, and is particularly useful when you’re in control of your work and schedule – i.e. when you don’t have a boss forcing you to get things done.

Is this worthwhile even if I’m not switching career paths?  —  Yes. Many 80k coachees have found 1:1 productivity coaching with Lynette helpful with a range of different goals related to working on 80k priority paths, including more effectively prioritizing what to do and accomplishing their most important work.

I'm already a CFAR alum, is this a fit for me? Yes. Productivity coaching tackles areas such as deep work, planning, and prioritization, which are complimentary and distinctly different to the areas CFAR covers. Additionally, Lynette is a CFAR mentor and can help you integrate productivity areas with their content.