Is coaching for me?

You’re likely to be a good fit if you’re feeling unfocused, behind, or just like you could be doing more, even if you’re already succeeding at work. If that’s you, let’s talk.

About EA Coaching

I work with professionals who are trying to solve the world’s most pressing problems -- managers, researchers, professors, software engineers -- to pinpoint their bottlenecks and help them solve the biggest problems holding them back from success. Prior to starting EA Coaching, I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology and researched self-control with Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania.


Half of my current clients are at the Open Philanthropy Project, CEA, FHI, CHAI, MIRI, the Forethought Foundation, and ACE. In client surveys, clients reported an average increase of 16.4 productive hours per month during coaching, and they valued the benefit of four sessions of coaching at an average of $1,522. You can view my full impact evaluation here.

Impact Case Study from a Former Coachee

Harri Besceli

What did the coaching help them accomplish? We worked together to prioritize what he wanted to improve and experiment with techniques to do so. We also identified key habits and establishing systems to maintain those. At the time, he estimated the coaching increase his productive time by 2-12 hours a month.

In their own words: “I initially tried coaching with Lynette because I like experimenting with different methods of increasing my productivity. I thought this was worth trying, but didn't expect myself to continue afterwards. I'm now continuing coaching with Lynette because I can see concrete improvements in my output as a result of the coaching, and I expect to gain more benefits over the coming sessions. This is an experiment I'm glad I tried.”

How It Works

You’ll start with a 30-minute fit call. The fit call gives you a taste of what coaching is like with me while making sure we’re a good fit. If we both think coaching makes sense after the fit call, we’ll schedule your first four sessions and dive in. We’ll probably wrap up sessions when your specific problems have been addressed (which commonly takes 8 to 12 sessions), although some clients find coaching helpful over longer periods.

CEA will cover the cost of coaching out of your professional development budget. With your permission, I can bill them directly or you can have it reimbursed.