Productivity coaching so you can take control.



Feeling unmotivated? Unsure what you should be doing? Or just like you can’t seem to get enough done?

I help people develop systems to succeed at their biggest goals and improve the world. I can work with you to align your motivation, environment, and habits to accomplish goals more reliably and quickly.


About me

Prior to starting EA Coaching, I graduated from Harvard University with a degree in psychology and conducted research on self-control at the University of Pennsylvania. I bring that knowledge and experience to inform my coaching. 

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We'll meet for weekly, 50-minute calls to discuss an area you want to grow, collaboratively brainstorm how to address the issue, and plan action points to complete between calls.  

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Read the impact case studies and testimonies from clients regarding what the coaching helped them accomplish. 

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Haseeb Qureshi

“Lynette is an excellent productivity coach. She was very useful in drilling down to the important, actionable points in my life and driving toward concrete outcomes. If you want to improve your overall efficiency, I highly recommend working with her.”


"Lynette's coaching clearly decreased the time I spent procrastinating and redirected that time towards my actual priorities."

— Igor Kurganov

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Mason Hartman

“Lynette has been extremely helpful for working out how I might best direct my attention, experiment within my work, and measure the output variables that actually matter. I'd strongly recommend working with her if you're not fully satisfied with your productivity — especially if you're not quite sure what's going wrong!”