Here’s what you’ll get with coaching

You’re trying to change the world effectively over the long haul. When you optimize for the key priorities that move you forward, you’ll have the best chance of doing just that.

Accomplish your goals: Coaching is all about results, so we’ll dive into the details you need to act. You’ll set concrete goals for yourself, identify your vital actions, and eliminate distracting tangents. Our goal is for your focused work time to yield results -- without you working yourself ragged.

Build Habits: You’ve tried using willpower to get things done. But to get the results you want, you need to nail your key habits. In each coaching session, we’ll make a step-by-step action plan to tackle your pain points.

Get answers to your questions: Your coaching session guarantees you individual focus on your biggest problems. Get strategies and tips that work based on my experience in hundreds of coaching sessions. Then you can experiment to find which ones work best for you.

Get accountability: You won’t just get advice; you’ll get the support you need to implement that advice. In addition to checking progress in each call, you can email me anytime with questions, schedule email check-ins, or use me as a referee for commitments.

But does it work?

According to my clients, yes. Qualitatively, most clients say the coaching helps them feel better about their work and get up to twice as much priority work done. In client surveys, clients reported an average increase of 16.4 productive hours per month during coaching, and they valued the benefit of four sessions of coaching at an average of $1,522. (You can view my full impact evaluation here.)

Will you get the same results? In expectation, this seems like a decent ballpark — which makes the information value of an intro call quite high.

Let’s talk

Book yourself in for your free 30-minute fit call. The fit call gives you a taste of what coaching is like with me while making sure we’re a good fit. You can ask all the questions you have about coaching and how I can help you. I’ll give you tips right away for tackling your biggest challenges.

If we both think coaching makes sense after the fit call, we’ll schedule your first four sessions and dive in. Clients commonly continue for 8 to 12 sessions.


$600 USD per four 50-minute sessions -generous discounts available


What types of issues do you work with?— Your biggest problems. More seriously, coaching is tailored to the areas you most want change. Maybe that’s a big area, like how to discipline yourself to independently write your thesis, or a specific strategic area, such as email management.

The most common areas I focus on are setting priorities to quickly make effective progress, and implementing work routines to devote focused time to your top priority.

Other areas where I commonly focus are:

  • Making plans and clarifying goals

  • Productivity tools and organization systems

  • Building robust routines and habits

  • Aligning motivation so that you can work consistently

  • Helping work through big life changes and decisions

  • Providing accountability

  • Creating an environment conducive to productivity

What does coaching cost? — The 50-minute sessions are $150 per session, and I have a generous sliding scale available to Effective Altruists. Payment for the four sessions is due before the first session. 

How do I figure out if coaching is for me? — If you have persistent problems areas you would like to be more productive about, and they haven’t changed despite the self-help books you read (or meant to read) - there’s a good chance coaching is for you. In particular, clients often find me helpful when they are feeling unfocused, disorganized, or like things are taking too long. To help you with your decision, let’s talk! Book your free fit call here.

Coaching seems like a big investment. How can I justify the cost? — Your time is the most valuable resource you have, because it’s the only one you can’t replace. Coaching typically helps people get several times their investment in extra productive work - and output. On average, people report 16 extra hours worth of productive time per month. That’s an investment that pays off, even without counting the benefits of feeling more calm and in control of your life.

Is coaching confidential? Yes, the coaching is confidential. I will not share that you’re my client or the content of coaching sessions with outside parties without your permission. There are a few exceptions to confidentiality, primarily in cases of legal requirement or imminent harm, which you can read more details about here

Do I need to prepare for our first call?  —  It can help if you have already thought about possible areas to discuss before the intake call. You will have action points to do between each of our subsequent calls.

How long does coaching last? I start with a minimum of four sessions, because I’ve found it usually takes a few weeks to experiment and build habits enough to see significant change. Clients frequently find it most useful to continue coaching for eight to twelve sessions. I generally wrap up sessions when your specific problems have been addressed, although some clients find coaching helpful over longer periods.

What is the cancellation policy? — If you can't make a scheduled appointment, please let me know 24-hours in advance so we can reschedule. Missed appointments, rescheduled appointments, or cancellations without 24-hours’ notice may be charged the full cost of the session.

How is this different from 80,000 Hours?— While 80,000 Hours advises EAs on choosing high impact careers, my goal is to help EAs learn the skills they need to excel in those careers. I provide ongoing support to develop the skills needed to improve productivity toward the goals you are already pursuing.

Is coaching the same thing as therapy?  — I’m a productivity coach. I am not a therapist or doctor. If you just want to work through an argument with your girlfriend or you need help with depression, I encourage you to seek a qualified doctor or therapist.

I have ADHD; will coaching help with it? While I sometimes work on productivity with people who are dealing with ADHD, I don’t specialize in it. I would recommend seeking a therapist or coach who specializes in ADHD.