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What have you done previously? What kind of work are you planning to do? How much are you intending to donate? What are you planning to study? What problem area are you planning to work on? Try to be as specific as possible.
If possible, include quantitative metrics such as hours spent more productivity over the past month or percent increase in output.
It may be edited to look like similar to this example: Chris Painter Background and career path: Chris is a student at the University of Pennsylvania interested in AI safety and generally bettering humanity in the long-run. He is finishing undergraduate degrees in engineering and business, studying a Master’s in Robotics with a focus on machine learning, and running a campus effective altruism group. What did the coaching help them accomplish? Increased average time working intensely by an estimated 20 hours per week through improving productivity systems, prioritization, and general attitude toward work. Duration: 12 sessions In their own words: “I found this coaching caused a transition in my work habits that slightly more than doubled the amount of hours I seriously work each day. It seriously improved my output quality for school in particular.